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  • Magazines and Newspapers are available for general reading and light.

  • Refreshments, tea and coffee are available on cash payment basis.

  • Members Evenings are also held in the Library Lounge.

  • Documentaries in the Library Lounge on weekends.

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Collage Ek Pathak: Maxim Gorky (Translation: Anil Janvijay) Aaina: Haruki Murakami (Translation: Sushant Supriy) Nadi ka Tisra Kinara: Joao Guimaraes Rosa (Translation: Sushant Supriy) Mughal Bachha: Ismat Chugtai Yan Kovach Ka ant: Layosh Zilahi (Translation: Chandrakiran Rathi) Narrators: Prashant Joshi, Supanth Bhattacharya, John Landge, Madhuri Bedekar & Dinkar Bedekar Saturday, 24/03/2018 Time: 06 pm Duration: 100 minutes