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Black & White: An Exploration

Art Adda

Black & White: An Exploration

A unique program titled “काळा । पांढरा: An odyssey exploring the realms of black and white” is being organised by Chitnavis Centre.
Famous painter of International repute, Art teacher, and founder of “BASOLI” a revered group of child artists in Nagpur, Mr. Chandrakant Channe, renowned Photographer and Graphic Artist Mr. Vivek Ranade , and noted Actress and Social Scientist Prof. Madhuri Bedekar will participate in the program. The participants will present their perspectives on the colour Black and White in the context of Painting, Photography & Applied Art, and a large group of society which perceives these two colours in Socio Cultural and other ways respectively.
Noted Playwright Mr. Dinkar Bedekar will introduce the participants and anchor the program besides, highlighting the significance of black and white in the context of literature and other visual arts.
This program aims to bring together the views of a Painter, Photographer, Actor- Social Scientist and Writer –Director to explore the existence of these two colours and bring about a discussion on their Aesthetic, Socio-cultural- Physical-Emotional comprehension aiming to enable an increased awareness and facilitate a further insight in to both these colours.

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